You May Love Flight Sims, But is it a ‘Transform the Garage into a Plane’ Kind of Love?

Posted on December 4, 2013 8:30 AM by Rob Williams

There exist three types of people in the simulation universe: Those who enjoy them, those who purchase special peripherals to heighten the experience, and those who take things to a level so high, most of us didn’t realize it existed outside of NASA. Such is the case of Redditor DLowen’s father, who has transformed his garage into a flight sim fan’s dream.

Forget the flight stick: How about a replica Boeing 737-800 cockpit with working instruments and legitimate seats?

Garage Flight Sim Cockpit

Ignoring the incredible cockpit for a second, this kind of setup is impressive from a technical standpoint alone. To make the magic happen, multiple PCs are networked together, and the fact that each control on the cockpit has an actual function proves that this is about as legitimate a sim as one can get – the kind of sim that’s suitable enough to train someone for the real-world.

Perusing the full gallery will no doubt lead to a couple of “wow” moments. One for me was the flight over a city at night. The situation looks so real, I would not have been able to tell the difference had I not known it was a sim beforehand.

Dare we even speculate the cost of this thing? I think it’s best we don’t!

  • Kayden

    If I had the money for it, than yes but since I don’t, no.

    • Rob Williams

      Same goes for me and racing.

      • JD Kane

        Ditto (on both counts).

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