OCZ EL DDR PC-3500 Gold GX Dual Channel

by Rob Williams on August 17, 2005 in Miscellaneous

OCZ has recently released some new memory geared for gamers. The memory comes clocked at DDR433 speeds, with tight 2-2-2-5 timings.. at a respectable 2.8v. We are going to see just how great this memory is, and how well it overclocks. So let’s get to it.

Sandra, Everest

Memory Benchmarks

When comparing the Ballistix PC4000 to the PC3500 Gold GX in the EVEREST tests, they come very close. Ballistix has a lower latency, and the Gold GX has higher write speeds. In SANDRA, the Gold GX performs amazingly and beats the Ballistix PC4000. Overall, these are great scores.