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Techgage Review Foobot Air Quality Monitor Image Accessories

Understanding Your Air Quality – A Review Of The Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor

by Tom Roeder on June 19, 2018 in Miscellaneous

Most of us don’t think too much about our air quality. As long as we can breathe, why think about it? Poor indoor air quality can have some pretty significant effects on you, ranging from poor sleeping, fatigue, and even focus. Monitoring your air quality can be just as easy as it is important, thanks to modern technology.

Couchmaster Cycon - Stock Image

The MASTER Of PC Gaming On The Couch? A Review Of The COUCHMASTER Cycon

by Tom Roeder on January 19, 2018 in Miscellaneous, Peripherals

Most PC gamers game with a keyboard and mouse at some point, or exclusively. This keyboard/mouse form factor usually limits you to a desk, whereas controllers give you the freedom to game from the couch. COUCHMASTER offers a solution to this, to allow you to game with a keyboard and mouse from your couch and promises comfort. Let’s take a look!

ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ Ultrawide Monitor

Black Friday 2017 Specials On The Tech You Crave

by Jamie Fletcher on November 24, 2017 in Editorials & Interviews, Graphics & Displays, Miscellaneous

Looking for deals on a new-build? Perhaps replacing some old for new? Want to keep that tech-lover in your life happy? Black Friday is your last chance to get those orders in before the year ends and festivities begins. While SSDs, Memory and GPU prices are at all-time highs, there are still a number of deals to be had.


Keeping Your Eyes On The Road, Covertly – THINKWARE F770 Dashcam Review

by Tom Roeder on March 23, 2017 in Miscellaneous

Here at Techgage, we have reviewed several dashcams, and they’ve all had their merits. As technology advances, so do the cameras and the features they offer. Today, we are looking at the THINKWARE F770, which boasts front and rear monitoring, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.

Sumo Omni Plus Feature Image

Lazy Gaming In Style – Sumo Omni Plus Bean Bag Review

by Greg King on December 31, 2016 in Miscellaneous

Office chairs are just not inviting for gaming, or even that comfy for long periods. Sometimes you just want to laze around in the living room in front of a giant TV – maybe with friends. That’s when a giant bean bag from Sumo comes in with its Omni Plus. Plop yourself down and vegetate for hours at a time, in glorious squishy comfort.

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