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ARM mbed OS Image

Arm Announces New Partners With Its Mbed IoT Platform

by Jamie Fletcher on April 24, 2018 in Processors, Software

Sometimes it’s nice to see the other side of what goes into consumer electronics. We often see the faults of IoT, but rarely how it’s used in the industry. Arm briefed us on what the industry in general is doing with IoT, as well as some of its partners, case studies, and what’s being done to reverse the security stigma.

Creating Bootable Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10 USB Flash Drive Installers

by Robert Tanner and Rob Williams on April 16, 2018 in Software

As time passes, more and more PCs are being built without an optical drive. When the time comes to reinstall or upgrade Windows, an issue can arise: Where does that setup DVD go? The answer: On a flash drive. Find out the different ways to get Windows XP through Windows 10 onto a bootable flash drive – and enjoy the speed benefits that come with it.

Radeon Adrenalin Feature Image

AMD Adrenalin Drivers: Monitor & Control Your System From A Smartphone, Plus New Overlay Features

by Jamie Fletcher on December 12, 2017 in Graphics & Displays, Software

The new Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition is part of AMD’s annual refresh of its drivers, aimed at delivering major new features, as well as continued performance enhancements. From improvements to Chill, ReLive, and WattMan, there’s also Enhanced Sync and Compute modes, a new overlay system, and integration with a smartphone through AMD Link to monitor you’re system.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update: Small Tweaks For a Big Difference

by Jamie Fletcher on April 11, 2017 in Editorials & Interviews, Software

Microsoft’s latest major update to Windows 10, called Creators Update, is now being pushed out to the masses. As most major updates to Windows can bring a bunch of immediate confusion, we’ve put together a little guide to help you gain a good footing with the Creators Update before (or after) it’s installed.

GeForce Experience Feature Image

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Showcase – Going Beyond Graphics

by Jamie Fletcher on December 30, 2016 in Editorials & Interviews, Software

GPUs have come a long way over the years, and NVIDIA is pushing boundaries for what to expect from our investment. GPUs are for more than just rendering games; they’re also for offering full immersion and sharing our experiences with others. We’re taking a look at GeForce Experience, a comprehensive tool that lets you utilize your GPU to capture, share, optimize, and sometimes, even win!

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