Iolo System Mechanic 5

by Matthew Harris on July 1, 2005 in Software

Are you the type of person who always wants to keep your PC in top running condition? Of course you are. Iolo promises to help, with their award winning System Mechanic 5. Does it have what it takes to pass our tests?


Caveat Emptor; Let the buyer beware. These are the thoughts that always spring into my mind every time I see a product promising to “Fix your PC”. Especially when it touts optimizing your internet connection along with a slew of things that, quite frankly, I’d rather not have done to my PC such as registry cleaning and defragmenting and memory optimizing.

Imagine my pleasant surprise then to find such a piece of software that actually does what it promises and then some. I’m talking about System Mechanic 5. This is a piece of software that’s aimed squarely at the average PC user, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it has nothing to offer. On the contrary. It offers quite a bit for even the most grizzled power user.

Not only do you get registry cleaning that actually works very well, but you get a spyware cleaner, a memory defragger/recovery interface, startup program management, disk defragmenting with both quick and optimum settings the internet optimizer. You also get popup blocking, file cleaning, duplicate file removal, a software uninstaller that will uninstall software that has no uninstaller with it, a file mover that will allow you to even move exe’s and keep your shortcuts active plus an internet track cleaner and a secure file eraser.. whew.