iolo System Mechanic Pro 6

by Matthew Harris on November 4, 2005 in Software

Do you feel that your computer could run faster? Is it being held back by the endless junk piles lying around your hard drive? iolo is back once again, with their latest System Mechanic incarnation, which improves on the tried and trusted tools in the previous versions. Let’s see how it stands up today.

Page 1 – Introduction

Today I’m taking a quick look at iolo Technologies System Mechanic 6 PRO.

The first thing you’ll notice if you’ve used System Mechanic 5 or read my review of it which can be found here is the new startup interface complete with system analysis. When you fire up Sys Mech 6 it will perform an analysis of your system and indicate which areas need to be addressed and their relative fitness along with your systems overall relative fitness and security.

Upon looking at this example of the state of my system you’ll note that while The speed of my system is good it appears that I have some serious troubles. Let’s take a peek at the worst of those shall we?

First we’ll look at clutter. As you’ll notice It’s complaining about the fact that I have saved my internet files, cookies and some windows temp files. Generally the internet files are desirable if you want to have the best surfing experience possible since your browser pre-caches files from sites that are seldom updated so that upon logging onto a site all your browser needs (to display the site fully) is the new content.

As to the cookies, those are loaded into your system by sites that have passwords associated with them along with sites that track your sessions on them so that they can tailor your use to your needs. Unfortunately there are sites that use cookies maliciously to track your browsing habits, passwords and also your personal info so if you’ve accidentally been to a site that you’re less than sure about being shed of your cookies isn’t a bad idea.

Conversely, the same can be said of saved internet files so that’s why Sys. Mech. sees them as more hindrance than help. Temp files on the other hand are generally files generated by Windows Installer during software setup and are nothing more than clutter pure and simple.

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