NeroLinux: In-Depth Look

by Rob Williams on April 5, 2005 in Software

Ahead has stepped up to the Linux plate with their NeroLinux offering. Does the program offer enough to drag people away from K3b and other Burning apps? Check out the review to find out!



  • It’s for Linux!
  • Supports most popular SuSE and Red Hat Distros
  • Able to read and write all current Disc formats
  • Copy CD-2-CD or DVD-2-DVD
  • Image Recording
  • Digital Audio Extraction
  • Comes free with Ultra Edition

Even if it’s commercial software, it’s good to see software companies deciding to publish for Linux based operating systems. Up to now, the primary CD/DVD-Burning program has been K3b, which is open source software. Does NeroLinux offer enough to sway people away from K3b?


NeroLinux’s goal is to provide you will all the CD-Burning needs that you have. At first look, it appears quite similar to the Windows counter-part, which you can also see a screenshot of below. The primary features of the program are: CD/DVD Burning and Re-Writing, Audio CD, Data CD, Image Burning, Disc Copying and Image Recording. Obviously there is nothing special here, but what you use most.. is.

As much as I enjoy using K3b for burning needs, I was looking forward to checking out NeroLinux. I have used Nero for Windows since it first came out, and it became my preferred burning app. Needless to say, I had high expectations for the Linux version.


If you are using Red Hat or SuSE, which are the only supported Distros for the software, you can install the program using an RPM or BIN package. I installed via the RPM file, so it was seamless. By default, it installs itself into the /usr/bin/ directory, and the executable is ‘nero’. I had zero issues while starting up the program.. everything worked off the bat.

Information and Performance:

We can first check out the program settings, and tweak them to our liking. The option that stands out is the ability to Pre-cache your Data Tracks, which ultimately should make your Audio Ripping faster. It also helps Nero with determining the tracks correct length, especially if the file has defected areas. The following screen allows you to configure your file types for encoding and decoding.

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