Corsair 2GB XMS2 PC2-6400 PRO

by Rob Williams on March 27, 2006 in Miscellaneous

If you are seeking out a new DDR2 kit, then make sure it’s at least 2GB! The 6400PRO from Corsair boasts the fast speed of DDR2-800 with timings of 5-5-5. Best of all though, it rolls in at 2GB and includes some purdy LED’s! (This article has been edited since first publishing due to debunked results the first time around.)

Page 1 – Introduction

March 28 Note: Since being first published, this review has been completely revised due to incorrect benchmarks the first time around.

We have taken a look at numerous Corsair kits in the past, but these happen to be the first ones that are for the DDR2 architecture. These are not your run of the mill modules though, as they are clocked at great speeds and are wrapped in Corsairs coolest headspreader. Let’s jump right into the review and see what they are all about.

Close Look

The modules come in a clear blister pack, as we have come to expect. Although they do a great job of keeping the sticks safe, the package is easy to open. On the back, we see quotes from many websites, but they are from 2003! Looks like they may want to consider updating those ;)

The heatspreader on these modules is the Platinum XMS2 version, which all of their high end DDR2 line includes. On one scale, they are designed for great heat dissipation. Not to forget those who love modding their computer, they also include LED activity lights on the top. These flicker depending on the stress the ram is receiving.

The sticker on the modules verify that you have the right ones you ordered. The size of the module is there, in addition to the speed and stock timings. For a fun comparison shot, here is the Corsair module with it’s bulky heatspreader compared to the recently reviewed OCZ XTC.

These are awesome looking modules, and that’s exactly what we expect from Corsair’s XMS series. They found a great looking design and stuck to it. Of course though, what are good looks if the performance is sub par? Let’s see what these babies are made of!

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