Mushkin 1GB HP3200

by Rob Williams on February 15, 2006 in Miscellaneous

Just because the memory package says ‘value’ doesn’t mean it has bad performance! We are taking a look at the HP3200 1GB kit, which delivers DDR400 speeds and 2-3-3 timings.

Page 1 – Introduction

For our first Mushkin review, we will be taking one of their value kits for a spin. The HP3200 (991433) rolls in at PC3200 speeds as the name implies, and 2-3-3-6 timings, at a modest 2.6v. These modules use Mosel SAT-5B chips, so we immediately know that overclocking these babies may not be a huge possibility, but we can’t conclude until we try! Let’s first take a look at the packaging and the modules themselves.

The modules arrived in a clear blister pack that are oh so popular these days. Mushkins blister pack keeps the modules somewhat safer than most though, because each side has a is slightly melted together so that the pack stays closed until you need to open it. Because the package is not that clear, it doesn’t really do the modules justice. Once they are taken out of the package, they look great.

The heatspreaders on these modules are not as snazzy as some other Mushkin products, but the color won me over. I love this color blue, and if it was glossier.. whoo wee Instead of an embossed logo, the value modules have is printed with colored ink. What is great about these heatspreaders though, is the design. The top of the heatspreader has ‘hoops’ that arise above the modules themselves to help dissipate heat better. Many memory manufactuers close off the top of the modules so air can’t really escape, but this way makes sense.

Because of the design and material that the heatspreader is made of, the modules overall are very light and should prove easy to cool with any sort of active cooling. You’ll notice from the sticker on the modules that the timings are 2-3-3, but it doesn’t include the tras. CPU-Z detected the default tras to be 6, and that’s how I concluded the correct speeds to set in the BIOS.

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