OCZ 2GB PC2-7200 SLI-Ready Edition

by Rob Williams on April 2, 2007 in Miscellaneous

We took a look at a PC2-7200 kit from OCZ last year and it proved to be one of the best kits we’ve ever laid our mitts on. Today we are taking a look at another PC2-7200 kit, approved and branded by NVIDIA. Are we going to be impressed once again?

Page 1 – Introduction

When OCZ first released their XTC heatspreaders in late 2005, who knew what was to follow? Since that time, we’ve seen many spreaders based off of the XTC and some entirely new ones, such as the Flex XLC and Reaper HPC. The kit we are looking at today takes care of something I’ve wanted ever since I first laid eyes on the XTC… the color. To me, nothing looks cooler than black, whether it be the product itself or the PCB. Sadly, the PCB on these modules are not the same color as the spreader… but hey, we can’t have it all.

Last year, I had taken a look at an incredibly similar kit to this one. In fact, it has the same specs, the only difference is the black spreader. It was not until I received these new ones that I realized how similar they were. This could be a good thing though. The Platinum 7200 was one of my favorite kits of last year. They looked great and offered extreme performance for the price. I am hoping to be equally impressed today.

One thing you might notice right away is that these are "SLI-Ready" modules. What does that mean to you, the consumer? Not to steal thunder from OCZ, but not much of anything. It means that NVIDIA has taken a look at these modules and certified them for use in NVIDIA motherboards. As you’d expect, NVIDIAs own EPP technology can be found here, which are profiles within the SPD that is used to safely overclock.

Closer Look

When it comes to special memory kits that OCZ offers, they don’t use their usual orange-backed graphics but instead new product specific ones. The past few kits I’ve taken a look at feature cool abstract art which really helps make the product stand out and appear modern. Kudos to their designers.

Because these are specially branded modules, the OCZ "Z" in the center has been replaced with the NVIDIA SLI READY badge. It looks good, because it’s a brushed aluminum badge and not some boring sticker. These will look great in any PC… especially if you use NVIDIA products. For ATI fans, OCZ also offers ATI Certified kits with red heatspreaders, but they only come in PC2-5400 and PC2-6400 flavours.

These are great looking modules, I really dig the color. I am glad they chose black instead of NVIDIA green… I am not sure how well that would have worked.

For those who were wondering, yes, there actually is a badge on each side of the module.

Onward to overclocking and testing.

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