OCZ 2GB PC2-7200 EPP Platinum

by Rob Williams on August 15, 2006 in Miscellaneous

OCZ has been launching some amazing kits lately, and this one is no exception. In our tests, we have managed to bring this modest DDR2-900 up to DDR2-1140 speeds and still retain some great stability.

Page 1 – Introduction

With the launch of EPP back in May, there have been a few companies jumping on the bandwagon, including OCZ. The 2GB 7200 Platinum are their only EPP modules though, as they seem to be holding off until EPP is a proven technology. That, or they are taking the safe route and awaiting for JEDEC to decide on whether EPP should become a standard or not.

Though these modules are clearly marketed as EPP/SLI-Enhanced modules, I will not be taking a hard look at those features specifically. EPP is not for the advanced enthusiast, but rather people who are new to overclocking and wish to push their hardware to a faster, but safe level. Even without enabling EPP Enhanced memory in the BIOS, I was still able to hit the official specs without issue.

Before we get into all of the good stuff, let’s first take a look to see what we are physically dealing with.

7200 EPP – Closer Look

The usual orange-backed plastic blister pack [say that 5 times fast, I dare you] can be found, as with all other OCZ kits. These prove to be my favorite blister packs around, because they are extremely easy to open, yet keep the modules very secure. The top of the pack has two notches that click together when closed, whereas many other manufacturers have no such thing.

These are from the Platinum family, so the modules clearly reflect it. Out of all the single colored XTC spreaders, I think Platinum are definitely the coolest of them all. Clean and professional color… they just scream, “I am expensive, bling bling”

If memory can be considered sexy, this then the Platinum XTC certainly fits the bill.

In addition to the SLI-Enhanced capability, these modules like OCZs others include a lifetime warranty. For overclockers, you can enjoy freedom of up to 2.2v ± 5% (2.42v), without invalidating your warranty. Enough of the pictures… onward to specs and overclock ability!

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