A-Data 1GB EPP PC2-8000 Vitesta Extreme Edition

by Rob Williams on August 30, 2006 in Miscellaneous

In the memory market, there are two things I am skeptical of. 1GB kits, and EPP. Today we are looking at a new kit from A-Data that has both. It proves to have some solid overclocking ability, thanks to it’s GMH chips. Are you willing to pay $200+ for a 1GB kit though?

Page 1 – Introduction

Back on the Techgage workbench, we have some brand spanking new A-Data EPP sticks. We took a look at their 2GB PC2-8000 kit last month, and were impressed. Those modules offered superb speed, but came in at a premium price as all DDR2-1000 modules do. The sticks we are looking at today are in the same boat, so they are not for everyone.

Before we get into the exact specifications, lets first take a look at what we are physically dealing with.

Closer Look – A-Data EPP PC2-8000

Like the rest of the modules in their Extreme Edition lineup, the packaging is a clean plastic blister pack. It’s essentially two pieces of plastic clipped together to hold everything inside, in its place. It’s one of the easiest packages to open though, so I do question it to a degree. If dropped, I feel that the package would be more apt to opening compared to other blister packs on the market. Either way, these were well packaged so they didn’t have a ding on them after I removed them from the box.

The packaging is quite clear in telling you what you are dealing with. With a quick look we see that this is a 1GB kit rated for PC2-8000 speeds. However, you would not know that they are EPP enabled unless you look closely at the stickers on the sticks themselves.

Red is the color they have chosen for all their Extreme Edition modules, and it works. They are not as extreme looking as some other modules out there, but they don’t look bad either. Decal wise the modules include the A-Data logo, Vitesta Extreme Edition logo in addition to the warranty sticker. On that sticker we can find serial code information, model number, density, timing info and even a link to their website. I was unable to click this link, however ;-)

What you see is what you get! Nothing more to say here, so lets move on to see what these modules offer under the hood.

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