Ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal, Sony Barely Teases its PlayStation 4

Posted on May 20, 2013 12:27 PM by Rob Williams

After the rather lackluster press event Sony held this past February to announce its PlayStation 4 – where the console itself wasn’t even shown – you’d think that the company would throw us a frickin’ bone and give us the details we’re looking for. But no – ahead of Microsoft’s event tomorrow where it will be showing off the Xbox 360 successor, Sony posted a rather frustrating video that shows its upcoming console in a blurry mess. Behold:

At least the logo at the end is crisp.

For what it’s worth, Sony did say that we’ll be getting all of the important details on June 10th, at around 6PM PDT, live from E3. As for Microsoft, its reveal takes place tomorrow at 10AM PDT and can be watched live through Xbox Live, Xbox.com or Spike TV.

  • Kayden

    Either I need glasses or Sony went using a camera that couldn’t be focused…..I am going to blame Sony.

    • http://techgage.com/ Jamie Fletcher

      The irony is that Sony has their own range of DSLRs, what’s this say about them, huh? At least we know that the PS4 details will be a little fuzzy around the edges, but well ventilated for when the hot air comes out.

      • Kayden

        LOL, time to buy a cannon or nokia camera.

        I did get the sense that I was looking at a ducted fan the size instead of a console. Perhaps they designed a fan and place some hardware in it! (c;

        • http://techgage.com/ Jamie Fletcher

          Oh right, so we’ll have 2400 RPM CPUs now, excellent. They will be powered by the many sacrifices of small insects, spin up when under load, and brake when you stick your finger in them. Also, the controller is now your eyes… look X to continue.

  • http://www.facebook.com/deathspawner Rob Williams

    Someone at Reddit put together a composite, using images from the trailer: http://i.imgur.com/62aB7go.jpg

    • Kayden

      Why does it look like those instant shot cameras from the 70’s?

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