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AMD Expands its Never Settle Promotion Once Again

Posted on May 15, 2013 2:00 PM by Rob Williams
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If you’ve taken advantage of AMD’s ‘Never Settle’ bundles, have you been left confused by AMD’s seemingly random way of choosing which games you get with which card? For example, while Tomb Raider came with AMD’s Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition, it didn’t come with the higher-end 7970 and 7950s – and vice versa where Crysis 3 is concerned. Well, with yet another update to its promotion, AMD corrects this issue “while supplies last”. The updated table can be seen below:

  7990 7970 & 7950 7870 GHz 7850 7790 7770
Crysis 3      
BioShock Infinite  
Tomb Raider  
Far Cry 3        
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Hitman: Absolution          
Sleeping Dogs          
Deus Ex: Human Revolution          

The other addition is seen with the HD 7790. It now includes Tomb Raider alongside BioShock: Infinite and Far Cry: Blood Dragon.

For those who’ve purchased one of these affected AMD cards since the program was last updated, I have some unfortunate news. From the press deck:

Q: Will the bonus games in the Level Up program be retroactive like Far Cry® 3 Blood Dragon?
A: Our strong relationship with Ubisoft presented a unique and one-time opportunity to give Far Cry® 3 Blood Dragon as a “thank you!” to the customers and fans that have supported us. The bonus games in Level Up will not be retroactive.

This is rather unfortunate, but not entirely surprising. As usual, you can score these free games by buying from participating etailers. To make sure the purchase qualifies, refer to the product listing as it will make mention of the included games.

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