AMD Plucks Marketing Manager Sean Pelletier from NVIDIA’s Crew

Posted on May 21, 2013 11:51 AM by Rob Williams

AMD has been having a rough couple of years. Or, depending on who you ask, it’s been having a rough time ever since it acquired ATI – or even earlier. But in reality, acquiring ATI is one of the best decisions it’s made, as while the company’s CPUs are not as competitive as it’d like, its GPUs certainly are. However, there have been multiple instances where things have gone from bad to worse, with a major layoff occurring in late 2011 that really put a damper on things. That one even affected a handful of execs – never a good sign.

AMD Company Logo

Fortunately, that doom and gloom seems to be behind us, for now. Over the past year, AMD snapped-up three important architects from other companies that plan to reinvigorate AMD’s product-lines and direction. These include K8’s lead designer, Jim Keller, which the company pulled from Apple; John Gustafson, a former Intel architect; and Raja Koduri, another plucked from the Apple tree and another that’s a former AMD graphics guy.

It seems that AMD isn’t content to stop there. Today, our friends at HotHardware are confirming that the company has just poached NVIDIA’s Senior Marketing Manager, Sean Pelletier, to become AMD’s Technical Marketing Manager. I am not sure when Sean first joined NVIDIA, but we’ve worked with him a couple of times over the years, especially where 3D Vision is concerned. NVIDIA tends to evolve regular marketing Joes into stellar marketing GI Joes, so we think AMD has just done very well with bringing Sean onboard. We wish him the best of luck – though I admit it’s going to take a while for that change to feel normal.

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