Apple’s iPhone 5S Rumored to Offer 128GB Model, 64-bit CPU & Gold Color Option

Posted on August 16, 2013 10:00 AM by Rob Williams

The iPhone 5S rumors keep on truckin’. This time, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (who has a rather good track record), has talked about three major changes that could come to Apple’s next flagship (which is likely to be revealed at a special event on September 10th).

Given the fact that the iPad 4 received a 128GB option earlier this year, it might not surprise you to learn that the same option is expected of Apple’s next iPhone. We can only hope that pricing for that model will match the pricing of 64GB models today (flash storage is not as expensive as these device prices ever suggest).

Apple iPhone 5S Rumor

It’s also being suggested that the 5S could be integrating ARM’s ARMv8, a 64-bit architecture. Gains from this are unclear at this point, as while 64-bit applications can be more efficient than their 32-bit counterparts, the fact that 64-bit apps can be memory hogs usually relegates these devices to 32-bit territory. However, since phones and tablets don’t typically multi-task on the same level as a desktop PC, that might be reason enough to adopt it. If the move is in fact made to 64-bit, I’m certain the phone will become Apple’s first to have 2GB of RAM.

The last part of this rumor is the hardest to believe. Just take a look at the mock photo above – how does that gold color look to you? Glossy or matte, I just can’t forsee a gold-colored phone looking that good, and it’s not like Apple to release something with appalling aesthetics. If gold is in the cards, it’s going to have to look at lot better than that.

  • e550mercedes

    Gold doesn’t sound to appealing to me, but maybe, just maybe I’m wrong and I’ll like it if I see it. My main complaint with the iPhone is the 4.8 inch size. It’s ok, but Apple should give users the opportunity to have various sizes. Four-point-seven inch’s is just the right size for me. Not to big, not to small. Too many phones are oversized just for the sake of being the largest and they are frankly gross.

    • DarkStarr

      The iPhone is only 4 inches. The 5s is stated to be a internal refresh only so would have the same screen… so 4 still.

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