Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Available Again for Purchase

Posted on August 16, 2013 1:04 PM by Brandon Mietzner

A few months back, we reported that Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition’s continued support and Beamdog’s ambitions for releasing an update for its predecessor, Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn, was in serious jeopardy due to overwhelming “contractual issues”, and further purchases were not possible until they had been addressed. These issues have just recently been resolved, thus Beamdog has continued the sale of of the game.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

Trent Oster, Creative Director on Baldur’s Gate:EE, sent this email to fans:

Dear Friends of Baldur’s Gate,

We’re back!

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is available for sale once again. All outstanding issues with our publishing partner have been resolved.

We’ll announce the details of an upcoming major Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition patch and the Android tablet version in the near future. We’ll also have some exciting news regarding Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition soon after.

We want to thank our fans for the outpouring of support we received during this difficult time. Legal issues are never fun. We’re glad we can once again focus on what matters – makin’ videogames!

Phillip Daigle, Producer and Writer for Beamdog, has stated via BG:EE’s forum that patch development is back on track and that future announcements will be made, but nothing else at this time can be confirmed. There were plans for Beamdog to possibly use Kickstarter and begin development on Baldur’s Gate 3, depending on how Baldur’s Gate I and II: Enhanced Editions fared. Hopefully, these plans will continue, despite this bump in the road, and the team’s passions have been reignited for all of their Baldur’s Gate projects.

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