Can a 3×1 Monitor Setup for Gaming be Affordable?

Posted on September 21, 2010 9:15 AM by Rob Williams

This past spring, we posted a couple of in-depth looks at AMD’s Eyefinity technology, with both 3×1 and 3×2 monitor configurations, and throughout posting those, a common “complaint” I heard from people is that such setups are just not that realistic at the end of the day. But, I’m not so sure that’s true, because today, money isn’t really the major issue, but whether or not you have enough space for multiple monitors!

I admit that 3×2 is a lot less feasible than 3×1, and personally, it’s not a configuration I’d choose from the get-go. But 3×1 is something I’d go for without even thinking about it, since in all my experience with such a configuration, I found it made a tremendous difference in the games that supported it well. For me, the “ideal” configuration is 3×1 with 24″ or 27″ displays, but as 24″ models can be had for as low as $200 in some cases, it’s a more realistic option for most people.

I hate to keep salivating over current prices, but when I purchased my Dell 2408WFP about three years ago, it set me back about $600, and today, you can get THREE 24″ monitors of still good quality for the exact same price. Toss in a $400 high-end GPU, and that sounds like the start to a killer 3×1 setup if you ask me.

But what if you want 3×1 but with smaller monitors? Well, it’s of course possible, and as AMD pointed out to us last week, Newegg is an e-tailer that sees the potential in multi-monitor gaming and is even creating bundles around it. Take this LG bundle, for example, which includes 3x LG E2050T-SN 20″ displays (1600×900), an active cable, and also a Radeon HD 5770, for $519.

Or for an even better price, there’s a similar Acer bundle that includes the same active cable and graphics card, and also the same sized displays. This bundle costs $20 less though, to sit at $500 even.

With pricing the way it is, are YOU considering a move to 3×1 in the future?

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Source: Techgage

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