Ergotech Announces ‘One-Touch’ Height-Adjustable Mount Series

Posted on March 11, 2014 10:30 AM by Rob Williams

Last summer, we wrote about Ergotech’s awesome ‘Sit Stand’ system which allows you to – as its name implies – sit or stand at your PC. A product like this serves an obvious need: A lot of us sit way too much, and no doctor will tell you that that’s good for your body. So, when that moment strikes when you realize that you should get up and walk around (but can’t because you still need to work), you can quickly adjust the mount so that both the monitor and your peripherals are raised.

With its just-announced One-Touch series, it seems as though Ergotech has abandoned the “Sit Stand” branding, instead preferring to use that as a marketing term to better explain what the One-Touch series is all about (it’s pretty hard to misinterpret “Sit Stand”, after all). With this change comes a couple of new models, including some that support Apple’s iMacs.

Ergotech One-Touch Ultra

On paper, the One-Touch Ultra looks to match the Sit Stand we talked about last summer, though its price tag starts at $1,399, rather than $1,798. That pricing difference can be made up if a couple of add-ons are purchased, however, which will be required for bigger setups. The base Ultra can support dual 22-inch displays, and add-ons will expand the options to allow between 1 – 4 27-inch displays (4x would imply a 3+1 setup, where the fourth monitor sits on top, like seen here).

The One-Touch Ultra is a good choice for those who have complex display setups or want more room for their peripherals, whereas the Free Stand model is for those who can get by on simpler setups. Like the Ultra, the base model supports dual 22-inch displays, while add-ons can increase the capability to support 1 or 2 27-inches. As you can see in the shot below, the keyboard stand is less wide than that on the Ultra, which means you won’t be able to plop down a full-sized keyboard and still be able to fit a mouse.

Ergotech One-Touch Free Stand

As mentioned above, the Free Stand starts at $999, while the Ultra is $1,399. Neither price will stick if you need then to hold additional large displays, so not only will the One-Touch be good for your body’s circulation, you’ll also be circulating money back into the system. It’s a win-win.

On a somewhat related note, I’ve had an Ergotech 3×1 mount here for quite some time, and I’m looking to tackle it this forthcoming weekend. That being the case, I hope to have a full review up in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned.


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