F1 2013 Classic Edition Review – How Far Has Evolution Come?

Posted on November 18, 2013 8:00 AM by Techgage Staff

Codemasters has held the exclusive F1 games license since 2009, and every year since 2010, gamers have seen a steady maturation of the franchise. It’s now 2013, and Codemasters has given us F1 2013. Just like the sport it represents, the game is a study of evolution in detail, so let’s see if F1 2013 becomes a champion.

F1 2013 Classic Edition - Title Screen

It’s almost the end of the current Formula 1 season. F1 racing gamers know, then, that it’s time for F1 2013, Codemasters’ annual F1-licensed offering, to come out. Available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, F1 2013 depicts the 2013 Formula 1 season, as you’d expect. Accordingly, team driver rosters and cars are current, as well as the list of circuits on which the F1 circus will race.

F1 2013 also adopts new-for-2013 regulation changes, specifically the change in DRS (Drag Reduction System) deployment during the Grand Prix weekend: Prior to this year, DRS was available for use anywhere on a race circuit during all sessions but the race itself; in 2013, however, drivers may only use DRS in the two designated DRS zones.

Long-time Formula 1 fans know that the sport is based on the principle of evolution. Everything in the sport evolves: From the race tracks (to meet more demanding safety standards) to the drivers’ training methods to the cars themselves, nothing ever stays the same. Indeed, the cars evolve during each Grand Prix weekend as the teams optimize the cars’ set-ups according to the track conditions. As veterans in the sport say, in Formula 1, if you’re not going forwards, you’re going backwards, and therefore getting left behind.

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