Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Posted on February 6, 2014 1:00 AM by Techgage Staff

After we took a look at Func’s first-ever gaming headset, we were left more than impressed. Will we experience the same feeling after tackling its first mechanical keyboard? On paper, it looks hopeful, and Func tries to seal the deal with a couple of useful but uncommon design features. Let’s see how it fares on our test bench.

Func KB-460 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard - Overview

When JD posted his in-depth look at Func’s HS-260 gaming headset last month, he closed a staggering eight-year gap since we last took a look at a Func product. While calling ourselves “slack” is often appropriate, in this particular instance we were off-the-hook: At some point, Func simply disappeared, and that was that.

Until late 2012, that is, when the company resurfaced. Func doesn’t like to refer to that long void as a “death”, and thus it doesn’t like to call its resurfacing anything other than a “refresh”. None of that matters, though. What does is the fact that in the earliest days, Func made some fantastic mousepads, so with this revival refresh, I looked forward to seeing what the company would now bring to the table.

As evidenced in the aforementioned look at the HS-260 gaming headset, Func means business when it comes to delivering products it can be proud of. The “Made for gamers, by gamers” slogan is old as dirt, but it’s one that seems to apply quite well to Func.

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