GameFly Selling BioShock: Infinite for $13.59, Includes Free Copy of Mafia II

Posted on September 17, 2013 10:20 AM by Rob Williams

With Steam as popular as it is, it’s sometimes easy to forget that other sellers of digital games exist, and believe me, it’s worth paying attention to them. Sometimes, when you’re lucky, you might just find a deal that’s better than what’s been seen on Steam before, such as the ongoing promotion at GameFly, where you can score a copy of the award-winning BioShock: Infinite (our review) for $13.59. That pricing in itself makes the game a serious bargain, but sweetening the deal further is the inclusion of Mafia II (our review).

GameFly 2K Promotion

As the image above suggests, BioShock: Infinite isn’t the only game on sale at GameFly – I merely think it happens to be the most notable. Borderlands 2 is on sale for $14.99, though it’s seen near-$10 pricing at Steam before, for example. If you’re looking to pick up some overdue DLC or some old 2K titles though, it might be worth checking out.

According to the fine-print, those who will reserve a free copy of Mafia II will have to wait upwards of 10 days for their code, as it will be mailed out separately, and apparently manually. And for those not familiar with GameFly, any game you purchase there will have to be redeemed on another service, such as Steam or Origin.

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