GOG.com Craves Indie Games, Launches Portal to Encourage Submissions

Posted on August 19, 2013 3:35 PM by Rob Williams

It’s times like this when I wish I were an indie game developer. GOG.com has grown a lot since we first took a look at the service four-years-ago, but fortunately, its core values have remained intact. The company still cares a lot about giving gamers DRM-free options, even going as far as to release its own flagship games that way. While companies like Valve can be praised for a number of different reasons, I think GOG.com should be praised for actually important reasons.

While the company has always been friendly to indie developers, it’s kicking-up its offerings to encourage more devs to target GOG.com as their launching-platform. If you’re an indie developer, this landing page is where you want to be. There, a couple of GOG.com highlights are laid-out, along with a video featuring commentary from developers already working with the company.

GOG Indie

Here’s a couple of major perks: GOG.com could give you an advance on royalties, the exact amount of which I’m sure is discussed on a per-game basis. This will allow developers to put a final polish on their game before its release. Further, the company touts, “We’re not machines”, highlighting the fact that real people will be dealing with you, and taking a look at your game, and planning the best course-of-action for success. Plus, the company also highlights the fact that it features every single game that gets released on its service, via the site itself and social networks.

GOG.com, why do you need to be so awesome? You could be even awesomer with Linux support though…

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