Half-Life 2 and Portal Now Available for NVIDIA SHIELD

Posted on May 13, 2014 1:01 PM by Rob Williams

As I reported on last week, NVIDIA’s worked hard to port both Portal and Half-Life 2 to its SHIELD handheld, and today, device owners can now purchase either game on the Google Play store.

At the moment, both games support only NVIDIA’s SHIELD. Many believed that NVIDIA might be lenient enough to expand the support to all Tegra 4 devices, but not so. It does seem certain, though, that NVIDIA will open the flood gates at some point; at the moment, it’s focusing on SHIELD to give people more reason to get one.


The $10 price tag for each game might strike some as a little high, though, as both games have regularly gone for less-than-half of that price at some point on Steam. But I can imagine porting both games to Android wasn’t exactly a small affair; NVIDIA’s ported two of the most popular PC games of all time to a mobile platform – that’s pretty impressive.

For those who’d rather wait for the price to drop, we’re not able to guess when that might happen; it’d be up to NVIDIA’s discretion. Given the company’s knack for promotions, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a sale sooner than later.

Half-Life 2 for NVIDIA SHIELD
Half-Life 2 on NVIDIA SHIELD

Nonetheless, I’ve still been unable to play much of Portal and any of Half-Life 2, but I hope to once things calm down a little bit around here. I am worried that once I start either, I won’t want to put the SHIELD down!

SHIELD owners can grab Portal here and Half-Life 2 here.

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