Updated: Hynix Facilities in China Experience Major Fire: Prepare for DRAM Prices to Go Skyward

Posted on September 4, 2013 1:23 PM by Rob Williams

Remember that massive flood in Thailand a few years ago that caused hard drive prices to skyrocket? Well, it appears that with a major fire that broke out at Hynix in Wuxi, China, the exact same thing is likely to happen soon to our DRAM. If you’re in need of some new memory, don’t waste time in picking it up – Hynix is the world’s #2 DRAM provider.

KitGuru (via: TweakTown) reports that two DRAM production facilities are affected, both owned by SK Hynix Semiconductor. It’s being said that the cause is a chemical explosion, and judging by the initial images, it would appear that the buildings might be a total write-off.

Hynix Factory Fire

The fire apparently began as some routine hardware installation was taking place, and it quickly spread throughout the building and even into separate facilities. It took two hours to contain the smoke, but by that point much damage was done, and considering we’re talking about a factory that relies on utmost precision when designing and producing its products, it’s unlikely that much is going to be salvageable.

Fortunately, reports are that no one was killed in the explosion, which judging by the pictures, seems to be nothing short of a miracle.

Update: Our initial fears can be calmed a little, with news out of Hynix that the fire hasn’t caused severe enough damage to cause the company to remain closed for too long. As Reuters reports: “SK Hynix Inc. expects to resume production of memory chips at its Wuxi, China, plant shortly, adding that a fire at the facility caused one minor injury but did not cripple critical equipment.” 

From a consumer perspective, this is a very good thing indeed.

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