Intel P35 and G33 Chipsets Released

Posted on May 21, 2007 10:56 AM by Rob Williams

There is no official word from Intel in the form of a press release yet, but it’s official: P35 and G33 are now uncovered. “Hard” launch will be closer to Computex however. For a quick primer on what you should expect, you can read our article here. Quick answer: No you don’t need to jump on the P35 band wagon right away.

There are countless reviews around the web as you would expect. We will be publishing our performance reports late this week or early next, due to lack of time with the hardware up to this point. Here are a few other great reviews circulating the web:

Over the course of our testing, we saw the new Intel P35 chipset and DDR3 memory combination offer up gains in the 2 – 5% range in various applications. This was largely attributed to the new Intel MCH and its improved access latency characteristics. There were several occasions where the P35 chipset driven Asus P5K3 Deluxe out-paced its 965 counterpart with the same DDR2 memory running in its DIMM slots.HotHardware

Intel is going to be making a strong push once again into the chipset market with their P35 and G33 chipsets being announced today, though the real product for enthusiasts looking for dual-GPU support on an Intel board are going to want to wait for the X38 chipset later in the year. If you are going to be building a new Core 2 Duo system in the meantime and don’t mind the single GPU support and want to adopt the new DDR3-memory standard, then the P35 and G33 options look to be excellent products.PC Perspective

Our P5K3 Deluxe motherboard overclocked like a dream, more easily than any other Core 2 motherboard we’ve tested. Any motherboard based on the P35 chipset should work with a 1333MHz front-side bus, too, so there’s “free” overclocking headroom built-in if you have a current Core 2 processor designed for 1066MHz front-side bus. If you don’t want to pay the premium associated with DDR3, the P35 works with DDR2, too.Tech Report

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