Latest Steam Update Fixes Bugs, Adds Global Downloading During Gamplay & Family Options

Posted on January 8, 2014 2:51 PM by Rob Williams

When Valve rolled-out a Steam update a couple of months ago that introduced a revamped download manager, I said something I’m sure a lot of people would agree with: “One option that would have been nice to see here is a global “don’t update” toggle.” Well, it appears that Valve has listened to me and everyone else who whined about this: The feature has been added to the latest update (note the “Allow downloads during gameplay” option in the shot below).

Steam Global Download Options

In addition, this update brings Family Sharing to the masses, along with some important updates that parents should love. For starters, because the ability now exists to share content on the same PC, Valve encourages parents to create a unique Steam account for their child. Then, on the main account, you’d authorize that account to access your content.

Steam Family Options

Enhancing the entire “family” Steam experience, parents will be able to moderate what this secondary account will be able to access. You’ll be able to block entire categories, for starters, and then pick and choose which games should and shouldn’t be accessible. While the option would be nice to restrict based on rating, there doesn’t appear to be such a thing here. I guess Valve assumes that if you purchased the game, you know whether or not it should be restricted.

There are quite a number of other feature updates and bug-fixes, so to check them out, update your Steam client and review the release notes.

  • zacharyt1122

    Well its about damn time! Its always aggrevated me that I can’t download a new game while I’m playing a game. I don’t have the fastest internet out there so I may start downloading a new game while I’m finishing up one. Plus the new parental features will really make this a player in the console wars. Since most of PC is downloads instead of physical media, its easy for someone young enough to go down to Gamestop, purchase a Steam card, and go home and download something inappropriate.

    • Rob Williams

      What’s driven me bonkers in the past is when I go to play one game because the one I want to play is still updating or downloading. I get done the other game and then realize the game I wanted hadn’t been downloading that entire time!

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