NVIDIA Demos Borderlands 2 Game Streaming on Project SHIELD

Posted on February 5, 2013 11:30 AM by Rob Williams

At last month’s CES, NVIDIA unveiled its impressive Project SHIELD, a Tegra 4-based portable gaming system. Unlike a regular mobile device, SHIELD has the ability to tie in with your GeForce-powered PC in order to stream games via Steam – really. The claim alone seems outlandish, but today the company has proven what it’s promising with an informative video.

In it, the presenter shows off the ability to stream Borderlands 2 from your PC to Project SHIELD, and the result can be summed up in a single word: amazing. Just watch:

The skeptic in me has a hard time believing that the real-world experience would be as fluid as what we’re seeing in the video, but my hopes are high. Just imagine playing Borderlands 2 with your peeps, needing to go to the washroom, and being able to take your game along with you! Oh don’t act like you don’t use your mobile device on the loo! It beats reading shampoo bottles.

This is the first episode of what NVIDIA’s calling “PC Mondays”, though we’re uncertain at this point if each subsequent episode is also going to have to do with Project SHIELD. Based on what we’ve seen so far, though, I’m not sure just how much more convincing NVIDIA thinks it needs to do.

  • Kayden

    This is something I could get into. I have a hard time believing it will be seamless as well but I have hope.

  • Soul Eater

    It’s exactly like using 2 screen in clone mode… The framerate is exactly the same as the PC and it’s logical. It’s a form of cloud gaming in WIFI. Personnaly I prefer to play on my eyefinity or my 46′ lcd @home instead of a “gameboy”. We can also see in the video a latency between the monitor and the shield.

  • Corey Naish

    I’m actually really looking forward to this, but I’m worried about the so-far advertised limit of 660M and up for streaming… I have a 650M but it’s factory OC’d compared to base models(Retina Macbook). Hopefully it’s simply a driver ini flag :)

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