NVIDIA Reveals Tegra 4 Performance at MWC

Posted on February 25, 2013 2:45 PM by Rob Williams

As you might expect, NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 is out in full force at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and that has led to something we’ve all been waiting for: performance reports. The folks at The Verge stopped by to chat with the company and saw what its latest SoC is capable of. Across three popular benchmarks, we can see that Tegra 4 is a force to be reckoned with.

Tegra 4 Performance The Verge

The scores seen in The Verge’s video can be seen in the chart below, along with Tegra 3 results based on the ASUS Infinity TF700T.

 AnTuTuQuadrantEgypt Offscreen
Tegra 436,45816,000+57 FPS
Tegra 314,5004,500+11 FPS

Graphics-wise, Tegra 4 is said to be “up to” 6x faster than Tegra 3, and in the GLBenchmark result seen here, it comes close – just inching over 5x. It’s not only the graphics that are improved though, but the overall computational power. Both the AnTuTu and Quandrant benchmarks deliver incredible results on Tegra 4, vs. 3.

In addition to talk of performance, NVIDIA has also¬†made a blog post talking about how well its Tegra 4 is being received, and for developers or enthusiasts, it’s also unloaded a bunch of whitepapers.

So far, there’s been no word if anyone is going to beat ZTE to a release before the summer, so we do seem to be a couple of months off from being able to get our hands on some Tegra 4 devices.

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