Steam Holiday Sale Kicks Off: Snatch BL2 for $30, Hitman: Absolution for $25

Posted on December 20, 2012 12:30 PM by Rob Williams

Are you getting tired of sales yet? Hopefully not, because Valve has just kicked-off its annual Steam Holiday Sale. As you’d expect, some of the deals are hard to resist. Been putting off picking up Borderlands 2? It can now be yours for $29.99 (DLC remains at full price). Even the just-released Hitman: Absolution, which we reviewed here, has had 50% lobbed off its price to sit at $24.99.

As with most of the biggest sales Steam offers, most of the catalog has been affected. If the game you’ve been wanting isn’t featured on the main page, just search for it and see if it happens to be on sale anyway.


There’s one thing worth noting about this sale: Valve has implemented a notifier. If a game in your wishlist happens to become a daily deal, you’ll be notified of it through Steam itself, either on the desktop or the iOS / Android mobile app. Allow me to be the 50,000th person to say, “Thanks, Valve!”

Like we saw with the summer sale, every 12 hours a new set of 3 games will be displayed that can be voted on to be discounted at 75% off. Also, if you happen to be a glutton for Steam achievements, there is a new set to unlock. You can see what it takes to earn the biggest badge through your profile, or mine, but if you partook in the summer sale, you already know what to expect.

  • xOptix78

    BL2 + Season Pass = not going outside until it gets warm again!

    • Kayden

      Yeah but too bad the Season Pass and other DLC isn’t on sale )c:

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