Thermaltake Shows-off its ‘Ultimate Gaming Weapon’, The Poseidon Illuminated Mech

Posted on August 23, 2013 4:00 PM by Rob Williams

A couple of weeks ago, JD took MSI’s CK series mech for a spin, and was left impressed overall – especially for its price-point of $69.99. Features-wise, and perhaps bling-wise, that model might not strike a PC gamer as too interesting, so for that purpose, Thermaltake has stepped in with Poseidon, priced at $79.99.

Thermaltake Poseidon Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 01

The Poseidon features a standard full key layout and sturdy ABS plastic construction – it’s designed to last for a while, and look good all-the-while. Under each keycap is a CHERRY MX blue, designed for those who like the old “clicky” style keys, offering fantastic typing feedback. Affixed to each switch is a bright blue LED, giving the Poseidon that little bit of bling.

Thermaltake Poseidon Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 02

As seen in the above shot, the right of the keyboard features a Windows key disable button that will prevent you from being accidentally booted to the desktop in the heat of battle. I must question though, does that still remain such a big problem? I can’t recall the last time I got booted to the desktop from hitting the Windows key – unless I’m simply lucky enough to keep avoiding it!

The Poseidon is due out in October, at a price-point of $79.99. We’ll be taking the keyboard for a test at around that time, so stay tuned.

  • Matthew Harris

    Now this looks like a winner.

    • Rob Williams

      Agreed. Still wishing some vendor would make a design just like this, but toss a couple of macro profile keys up top (hell, there’s even room on this one for that).

      • Matthew Harris

        Multi-media keys (at least volume up/down), even soft keys, would be nice as well.

  • JD Kane

    Too blingy for me. I like my blank keycaps. :D

    Still… I’d love to take one out for a test drive.

    • Rob Williams

      I’m a sucker for key backlight.

      • JD Kane

        You know… if the key backlight was white (which matches my mouse), I might be less averse to LED bling on a KB…

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