Thermaltake WATER3.0 Extreme Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Posted on August 23, 2013 4:00 AM by Techgage Staff

Need big cooling performance behind that big CPU? That’s exactly what Thermaltake’s WATER3.0 Extreme has been designed for. Featuring a double-length radiator design and strapped with two 120mm high CFM fans, the Extreme is preparing itself for a good fight, whether it’s against an overclocked quad-core, or brawny six-core.

Thermaltake WATER3.0 EXTREME CPU Cooler

For as long as I’ve known it to be an option, I’ve opted to go the liquid route for keeping my PCs cool. Versus air solutions, I’ve preferred liquid for its increased efficiency, generally lower noise, smaller footprint, and, if we’re going to get petty, the aesthetics.

Years ago, liquid cooling (or “water cooling”) was a do-it-yourself endeavor, and I did happen to dabble in it once. As much as I loved the results, though, I didn’t care too much for the overall cost, and especially the amount of research required to make sure that what you’re buying into is going to last you a while – and of course, not rot out before the end of that expected life cycle. When all-in-one solutions first hit the market, I knew that they were designed for people like me – those who prefer the perks over air as mentioned above, but don’t want to invest too much money and time into a proper DIY solution.

Admittedly, the only all-in-one solutions I’ve used up to this point have been from Corsair, starting with the Nautilus500. Remember that thing? While I loved it at the time, Nautilus500 simply wasn’t an elegant solution, but Corsair showed us what was with the release of its Hydro series way back in 2009.

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