Watch Dogs – A Godphone Review

Posted on May 30, 2014 12:00 AM by Techgage Staff

Hacking games have always carried with them certain preconceptions, not all of them good. When Ubisoft announced Watch Dogs a few years ago, complete with a live trailer, the world took notice. Was this to be a new genre-busting, open-world, extravaganza? Will we finally see a hacking game done right? Read on to find out!

Watch Dogs - A Godphone Review

For the last couple years, Watch Dogs has been taunting both press and gamers alike, with this whole open-world, dystopian, modern hacking adventure. A man with a mobile phone, skulking around, covertly prying into people’s lives, stealing bank details, wiretapping, involved in energetic chases and blind-fired bullet storms; a modern-day 90s spy flick, just with less government agencies and tinfoil hats. We were all captivated by what the game could be, but we’ve all been down this path before; had Ubisoft bitten off more than it could chew, or were we, the general public, setting ourselves up for disappointment with grand expectation?

Truth be told, I was afraid of this game. It promised so much; was it really going to be all that was made out in the trailers? I didn’t want to be sucked in through all the hype, only to be greeted with a roller-coaster turned platformer, with a ‘push A‘ to win mentality (the train-wreck of Remember Me still burns bright in the back of my mind). There was definitely a certain amount of reluctance on my part to review Watch Dogs, but being honest, I’m glad I did.

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