A-Data 1GB EPP PC2-8000 Vitesta Extreme Edition

by Rob Williams on August 30, 2006 in Miscellaneous

In the memory market, there are two things I am skeptical of. 1GB kits, and EPP. Today we are looking at a new kit from A-Data that has both. It proves to have some solid overclocking ability, thanks to it’s GMH chips. Are you willing to pay $200+ for a 1GB kit though?

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Interestingly enough, Corsair cleaned up in every overclocking stage, except the last one! Overall, still very close results.

Again, the Corsair sticks managed to come out on top here. Though both modules use the same chips, Corsair must’ve struck it lucky with the batch they received.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, this is some great memory, however it’s not the best I’ve used. EPP features aside, this memory did not overclock as far as other D9GMH I have used in this pricerange, such as OCZs VX2. Sadly, I am unaware of how much this memory will cost when it hits these shores, so I will estimate. Going by what these sell for in Taiwan, we should be seeing these over here for around $250US. That’s rather expensive when you consider other 2 * 1GB GMH kits, such as the G. Skill 2GBHZ goes for a few dollars more. Both the G. Skill kit, and this one overclock the same as I have found out in our recent review.

The reason this kit costs more to begin with is the EPP addition, which is really not necessary for the enthusiast. However, if you are able to find the non-EPP version of these sticks, I would be much quicker to recommend those. Since they have GKX chips and supposedly cost the same, you would get a better kit that would offer better performance, but more importantly better overclocking ability.

Though these are good modules, I can’t outright recommended them. If you for some reason are looking for a 1GB PC2-8000 then these are a good choice, as the competition have similar prices. Sadly, the Corsair kit I included in the benchmarks seems to be scarce in online stores, for some reason. I am awarding the A-Data PC2-8000 EPP modules a 7 out of 10.

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