Ageia PhysX: First Look

by Greg King on May 5, 2006 in Graphics & Displays

Ageia’s PhysX started out as a killer concept but now that concept is reality. Today we take a look at that reality and touch on what it offers and what it will offer in the future.

Page 3 – Conclusion

While I have the PhysX PPU currently installed in my PC, I am a bit disappointed with the lack of software that I can use this with.  With the release of games, this frustration should be erased… I hope.  This is a product with so much potential that you almost expect it to fail because our collective thoughts of it are so damned high.  I for one am impressed with what this card offers and truly believe that with time, the PhysX PPU will make good games great and great games epic.  I know many people have said that this card needs a good title to go with it and for the most part I agree.  It’s the timeline that I think my views and expectations differ from others.  I don’t think that a blockbuster game has to come along ASAP to make this card a success.  A great game out of the gate will certainly help push cards but with a card full of this much potential, I cannot see how it can fail.  It will take time and it will take dedication on all parties involved.  Game developers will have to trust in the future of gaming that Ageia is trying to make.  Gamers will have to trust that the PPU will provide a level of immersion that nothing else can, or will, provide and finally, it will take trust on the part of Ageia to stick by their guns and push the PPU as much as they can.

We will see, as time goes on this year, more and more software companies taking full advantage of the PhysX PPU.  I would also love to see, in time, companies release patches that would allow our current games to utilize the PPU.  Games such as HL2 and Far Cry could really turn the public onto the PhysX PPU and allow us to play games that we all ready own, while taking advantage of the extra horsepower that the PhysX chip has.

We will go further into detail in the coming days.  More software will be out soon and we will have a chance to play these titles with the PPU on and off to give a full feel of what gaming is like with the PPU enables.  Stay close kiddies, this could get really good…

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