All American Computers.. An Inside Look

by Greg King on June 19, 2006 in Editorials & Interviews

“The entire time we talked, he emphasized the uniqueness of each and every PC build in the AAC shops. Kyle takes great pride in the fact that his PC’s offer many things that you cannot find anywhere else.”

Tour Cont.

Kyle insists on using only the best products in his builds. While he is not necessarily locked into one builder or manufacturer, the repetitiveness of his hardware is noticeable. There were a lot of DFI motherboards; XFX NVIDIA based cards and ATi GPUs as well. The Creative X-Fi was the sound card of choice and AMD was the primary CPU being used. Enermax and Antec were the PSUs of choice too. As stated earlier however, the primary use of these brands does not mean, in any way, that one cannot get different parts from different makers. AAC runs a consumer driven business and they can accommodate most all requests concerning product manufacturers. The products that go into the builds are, for the most part, what the consumer wants, not what the consumer is forced into choosing.

Looking into the LiquidXS PCs, I am amazed at the attention to detail that is given to the PCs, ultimately benefiting the lucky recipient of such a top level PC.

As you can see, a lot of time and effort goes into these PCs and Kyle prides himself on the fact that the PCs made in the AAC shop, will not, under any circumstances, leave the premises if they cannot pass the strict burn-in tests that each and every PC is put through. This is what is done at the top level, all the way down to the bottom level. The CPUs are stressed, the GPU(s) are stressed and the water work is guaranteed leak proof. There is also an extreme attention to detail when it comes to cable management. I know that hiding the wiring is difficult in a completely clear acrylic case but AAC does a good job taking all of the mess out of the picture, allowing all the ‘eye candy’ to shine as it was meant to do.

AAC is very supportive of the LAN party scene as well. Back in 2003, they even provided free tech support for the Million Man LAN 2. Since then, they have been a presence, in one way or another, in many other events. This further proves that Kyle is passionate about the gaming community and will go to great lengths to support it.

All of AAC’s computers are 100% custom and cannot be found anywhere else, by any maker. This is exemplified by the fact that orders have been coming in from all over the world. Literally.

When all was said and done, I came away from this experience with a yearning for more. The PCs that AAC builds and the quality in which they build them is second to none and after witnessing the building process and the man hours that they put into each and every PC, regardless of price range, this cannot be argued. Yes there are larger companies out there that will be more than happy to offer you a custom PC, but the chances of you seeing a PC like the ones that AAC build can be found somewhere between slim and none.

I would like to end this with a collection of pictures that I was able to take while at AAC. These are further testaments, and quality examples of what you and I could expect to receive if we were ever to purchase a PC from AAC.

I would like to thank Kyle, Owner and CEO of All American Computers for the time out of his day to accommodate my visit. I am looking forward to any future cooperation between All American Computers and Techgage. Please check back soon for more news and coverage on AAC and their LiquidXS line of uber high-end gaming PCs.

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