Altec Lansing AHP612 Wireless Headphones

by Rob Williams on September 5, 2006 in Audio & Media

With the advent of wireless devices, it’s no surprise that the technology has made its way to headphones. Not only are they becoming more abundant, but they are not that expensive either. We are taking a look at a contender from Altec Lansing and after reading you will surely know whether they are for you or not.

Page 1 – Introduction

As technology progresses, more and more of our daily electronics are cutting the cord. Both my PC’s have wireless keyboard and mice, and even my game consoles have wireless controllers. In a way, it only makes sense that even more of our peripherals are wireless… such as headphones! Altec Lansing recognized this need and addressed it with their AHP612 .

This product promises a lot, including 900MHz omni-directional technology that will allow you a full 150ft range. That way I could use the bathroom on the bottom floor of my castle and still have a great connection from the receiver on the top floor. It has the ability to go through multiple walls, floors and ceilings. I can’t say any of this is true from what I experienced, although I may just have innate bad luck. Before we get into the testing, lets take a quick look to see what we get with the retail packaging.

Closer Look

The headphones arrived in a clean blue box that’s chock full of product details. After pulling everything out, we reveal the receiver base, headphones, cables, power adapter and of course the obligatory manual.

With the closeup of the base, you can see the metal tabs used for connecting to the charger part of the headphones. Simply sitting the headphones into the base will start charging them immediately.

The back of the base doesn’t include that many options, but it’s to keep things simple. We have a selection of three channels, the power port, L/R channels and volume control.

Because these are wireless headphones, each earpiece has a few buttons on the outside. On the right side we can find a Mute and Volume Up/Down buttons.

The other side has a button for turning the unit on, which also doubles as a scan to connect to the receiver.

So, where do the batteries go? In the earpiece of course. After removing the foam piece off the left earpiece, you can insert the three included rechargeable AA batteries. The batteries have no name, and only have a green covering.

Here are the headphones in all their glory, getting charged up for some action.

That’s all there is to it, really. To connect to a device, you simply plug one end of the Red/White cable into the receiver, and then into the corresponding connectors on the back of whatever device you are trying to use. If you wish to use them for your PC, you can use the cable converter which combines both the red/white connectors into a single connector for your PC which will plug into the green port on your sound card.

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