AMD’s Budget RDNA2 For Workstation Solution: Radeon Pro W6400 Review

AMD Radeon Pro W6400 Thumbnail
by Rob Williams on March 21, 2022 in Graphics & Displays

AMD’s latest Radeon Pro workstation-grade graphics card is the W6400, a low-profile offering that doesn’t require a power connector, and is priced at $229. As usual, we’re taking this new card for a spin through a wide-range of workloads, and see how it fits into the overall performance picture.

Page 6 – Gaming: 3DMark, VRMark & Superposition

We mentioned before that while the prime focus of a GPU like the Radeon Pro W6400 are design workloads revolving around the viewport, we can’t help but go overkill and test a much wider range of workloads anyway. On this page, we’re tackling synthetic gaming performance, and like the previous Sandra page, we’re going to skip commentary for these lesser-important results.


UL 3DMark - Fire Strike 1080p Graphics Score (AMD Radeon Pro W6400)
UL 3DMark - Fire Strike 4K Graphics Score (AMD Radeon Pro W6400)
UL 3DMark - Time Spy 4K Graphics Score (AMD Radeon Pro W6400)
UL 3DMark - Port Royal Ray Tracing Score (AMD Radeon Pro W6400)
UL 3DMark - DXR Ray Tracing (AMD Radeon Pro W6400)
UL 3DMark - Variable Rate Shading Tier 2 Score (AMD Radeon Pro W6400)
UL 3DMark - Sampler Feedback (AMD Radeon Pro W6400)
UL 3DMark - Mesh Shaders (AMD Radeon Pro W6400)


UL VRMark - Blue Room Frame Rate (AMD Radeon Pro W6400)


Unigine Superposition - 1080p Extreme Score (AMD Radeon Pro W6400)
Unigine Superposition - 4K Optimized Score (AMD Radeon Pro W6400)

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