AMD64 3200+ Venice S939

by Rob Williams on May 24, 2005 in Processors

AMD has had their share of new CPU releases lately, and more are coming. Recently, they released the Venice and San Diego chips, with a 90nm core, added SSE3 support, and has superb overclocking potential. They also use less power, which means lower temps! Read on as I put the Venice 3200+ through a slew of benchmarks.


I didn’t expect to push my personal overclock too anything impressive, mainly due to my memory. The Samsung memory is low end, and is not meant for overclocking. Attempting to overclock it at all tends to result in a system that won’t POST, or will will allow you to get into Windows, then decide to BSOD. Keep in mind, that with better memory, especially some with tighter timings, the overclock will be improved. Here is the out-of-the-box CPU-Z reading:

We can see that CPU-Z verifies the Venice chip, as reflected by the E3 revision. We can also see the new SSE3 instructions added to the list. We can also note that the stock CPU voltage is 1.408. The base multiplier is also 10, and the HTT is obviously 200MHz, or 200.6MHz in this case.

Even with this standard memory, I was able to get the Venice 3200+ to a respectable level. I have to stress though, that due to the memory, it will hold back on the overclock, and even stability. If you have better, even performance memory, you should be able to push the overclock higher than I did, right out of the box.

Rob Williams

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