AMD64 3200+ Venice S939

by Rob Williams on May 24, 2005 in Processors

AMD has had their share of new CPU releases lately, and more are coming. Recently, they released the Venice and San Diego chips, with a 90nm core, added SSE3 support, and has superb overclocking potential. They also use less power, which means lower temps! Read on as I put the Venice 3200+ through a slew of benchmarks.


After an entire afternoon of overclocking, I had a great time with Blue Screens of Death. I got them often, and had to tweak further. Due to my memory being extremely fussy, I had to settle at 270*10, for a 2.7GHz overclock.

Without a doubt, a 700MHz increase on air, is great. Especially where I noticed no temperature increases, after overclocking. Before we get into the temperatures, let’s take a look at all the various stress tests the Venice 3200+ went through, both at stock and overclocked speeds.

First, we’ll benchmark with two very popular programs. Super Pi is a program that calculates Pi to a specified amount of decimal places. I ran the 1 Million calculation. Also, in Sandra 2005, I ran the CPU Arithmetic Benchmark.

In Super Pi, the lower the number, the better. The overclocked chip processed Pi 35% faster than stock. Considering that this overclock was not difficult to acquire, especially with my memory, this is a great result. With the Sandra test, you can see that the overclock seriously improved performance in these as well.

Rob Williams

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