AMD Tunes Back In with All-In-Wonder HD

by Rob Williams on June 26, 2008 in Graphics & Displays

ATI’s All-In-Wonder cards might have been killed off in 2006, but they are being brought back to life now in the form of the All-In-Wonder HD. The new card is based on the Radeon HD 3650, offers all of the benefits of the TV Wonder series and is priced at $199.

Page 3 – All-In-Wonder HD Specs

Variety of Broadcast Signals – The ATI All-in-Wonder HD is a feature-rich tuner providing the ability to receive analog (NTSC), digital/HDTV (ATSC) and unencrypted digital cable (ClearQAM) signals with time shifting functionality. You can also listen to your favorite FM radio stations to listen to your favorite grooves, talk shows or the latest news.

ClearQAM – With the advent of Windows Vista, digital cable reception of Clear-QAM channels (unencrypted Digital Cable TV) is now possible. Enrich your Digital Cable TV media experience with ATI Catalyst Media Center in Windows Vista with full Clear-QAM TV clarity.

PVR Functionality – Watch, pause and record live TV with the ATI All-in-Wonder HD. Now you can watch your favorite TV programming when it’s convenient for you.

Windows Media Center – The ATI All-in-Wonder HD is designed for Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate. This is where it all begins. You can enjoy your media entertainment right in your living room. Watch live and recorded TV, DVDs, music, photos, and more all within the easy to use Windows Media Center that you know and love.

Enhanced DVD Up-scaling – Watch standard definition video in near HD quality with DVD up-scaling. ATI All-in-Wonder HD uses post processing to enhance standard and low resolution videos and movies for your HD display.

Unified Video Decoder – Enjoy the latest Blu-ray movies and other HD content with a dedicated hardware video decoder. The UVD offloads the intensive process of HD video decoding and playback from the CPU to the GPU while improving visual quality.

Ultimate Image Quality – Performance that rivals high end Blu-ray and HD-DVD players on displays with resolutions that exceed 1080p – up scale to 2560×1600.

Integrated Digital Outputs – Enjoy all your digital content the way you want to, with built-in HDMI with 5.1 digital surround sound and dual-link DVI and DVI to VGA adapter.

ATI All-in-Wonder HD Accessory Kit – Upgrade your PC with the ATI All-in-Wonder HD accessory kit the perfect addition to your ATI All-in-Wonder HD providing connectivity for a wide variety of HD TVs and other displays (may be sold separately).

PCI Express 2.0 – Now you are ready for demanding graphics applications with PCI Express 2.0 support, which allows up to twice the throughput of PCI Express 1.0 delivering incredible overall system performance.

Powerful performance – You’ll be blown away by life-like graphics from the latest games created with Microsoft DirectX 10.1 technology, with stunning 3D graphics and shading effects.

120 stream processors – Now you have more than enough horsepower to support demanding games and graphics applications.

AMD LIVE! On Demand – Access your recorded TV, videos, music and photos on almost any device with a broadband connection with AMD LIVE! On Demand.

Video Capture and Convert – Capture and convert MPEG2 video with ATI Avivo HD Video Converter. Easily convert your video into the latest formats such as WMV9, H.264, MPEG4, DixX and transfer them to your Portable Media Player.

Edit and Author DVDs – With ATI Catalyst Media Center you can edit your home videos and burn your own DVDs. It’s time to start building that video library you have always wanted and start preserving those priceless memories.

AMD LIVE! Explorer (available on Windows Vista) – Explore your complete digital collections of music, photos, videos and recorded TV shows in a single window using the attractive 3D interface.

  • 378 million transistors on 55nm fabrication process
  • PCI Express 2.0 x16 bus interface
  • 128-bit DDR2 memory interface
  • Ring Bus Memory Controller
    • Fully distributed design with 256-bit internal ring bus for memory reads and writes

  • Microsoft DirectX 10.1 support
    • Shader Model 4.1
    • 32-bit floating point texture filtering
    • Indexed cube map arrays
    • Independent blend modes per render target
    • Pixel coverage sample masking
    • Read/write multi-sample surfaces with shaders
    • Gather4 texture fetching

  • Unified Superscalar Shader Architecture
    • 120 stream processing units
      • Dynamic load balancing and resource allocation for vertex, geometry, and pixel shaders
      • Common instruction set and texture unit access supported for all types of shaders
      • Dedicated branch execution units and texture address processors
    • 128-bit floating point precision for all operations
    • Command processor for reduced CPU overhead
    • Shader instruction and constant caches
    • Up to 40 texture fetches per clock cycle
    • Up to 128 textures per pixel
    • Fully associative multi-level texture cache design
    • DXTC and 3Dc+ texture compression
    • High resolution texture support (up to 8192 x 8192)
    • Fully associative texture Z/stencil cache designs
    • Double-sided hierarchical Z/stencil buffer
    • Early Z test, Re-Z, Z Range optimization, and Fast Z Clear
    • Lossless Z & stencil compression (up to 128:1)
    • Lossless color compression (up to 8:1)
    • 8 render targets (MRTs) with anti-aliasing support
    • Physics processing support

  • Dynamic Geometry Acceleration
    • High performance vertex cache
    • Programmable tessellation unit
    • Accelerated geometry shader path for geometry amplification
    • Memory read/write cache for improved stream output performance

  • Anti-aliasing features
    • Multi-sample anti-aliasing (2, 4, or 8 samples per pixel)
    • Up to 24x Custom Filter Anti-Aliasing (CFAA) for improved quality
    • Adaptive super-sampling and multi-sampling
    • Temporal anti-aliasing
    • Gamma correct
    • All anti-aliasing features compatible with HDR rendering

  • Texture filtering features
    • 2x/4x/8x/16x high quality adaptive anisotropic filtering modes (up to 128 taps per pixel)
    • 128-bit floating point HDR texture filtering
    • Bicubic filtering
    • sRGB filtering (gamma/degamma)
    • Percentage Closer Filtering (PCF)
    • Depth & stencil texture (DST) format support
    • Shared exponent HDR (RGBE 9:9:9:5) texture format support

  • OpenGL 2.0 support
  • ATI Avivo HD Video and Display Platform
    • Dedicated unified video decoder (UVD) for H.264/AVC and VC-1 video formats
      • High definition (HD) playback of both Blu-ray and HD DVD formats2
    • Hardware MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and DivX video decode acceleration
      • Motion compensation and IDCT
    • ATI Avivo Video Post Processor
      • Color space conversion
      • Chroma subsampling format conversion
      • Horizontal and vertical scaling
      • Gamma correction
      • Advanced vector adaptive per-pixel de-interlacing
      • De-blocking and noise reduction filtering
      • Detail enhancement
      • Inverse telecine (2:2 and 3:2 pull-down correction)
      • Bad edit correction
    • Two independent display controllers
      • Drive two displays simultaneously with independent resolutions, refresh rates, color controls and video overlays for each display
      • Full 30-bit display processing
      • Programmable piecewise linear gamma correction, color correction, and color space conversion
      • Spatial/temporal dithering provides 30-bit color quality on 24-bit and 18-bit displays
      • High quality pre- and post-scaling engines, with underscan support for all display outputs
      • Content-adaptive de-flicker filtering for interlaced displays
      • Fast, glitch-free mode switching
      • Hardware cursor
    • Integrated 400 MHz 30-bit RAMDAC
      • Supports analog displays connected by VGA at all resolutions up to 2048×15361
    • HDMI output support
      • Supports all display resolutions up to 1920×10801
      • Integrated HD audio controller with multi-channel (5.1) AC3 support, enabling a plug-and-play cable-less audio solution
    • Integrated AMD Xilleon HDTV encoder
      • Provides high quality analog TV output (component/S-video/composite)
      • Supports SDTV and HDTV resolutions
      • Underscan and overscan compensation
    • MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, WMV9, VC-1, and H.264/AVC encoding and transcoding
    • Seamless integration of pixel shaders with video in real time

  • ATI PowerPlay
    • Advanced power management technology for optimal performance and power savings
    • Performance-on-Demand
      • Constantly monitors GPU activity, dynamically adjusting clocks and voltage based on user scenario
      • Clock and memory speed throttling
      • Voltage switching
      • Dynamic clock gating
    • Central thermal management – on-chip sensor monitors GPU temperature and triggers thermal actions as required

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