Antec Soundscience Halo 6 LED Bias Lighting Kit Review

by Ryan Perry on October 21, 2011 in Graphics & Displays

Every so often, we’re sent a product that on the surface looks to be one of the most simple we’ve ever seen, but in practice turns out to be quite useful. Antec’s Bias Lighting Kit is one such product. It emits a white glow on a wall behind your monitor, making staring at the screen just a little bit easier. Sounds strange, but it works.


Hello, friends. Do your eyes become tired after long gaming sessions? Do your colours seem less than vibrant? Are you only able to put in a short amount of time at the computer before having to tap out like a little girl? Then you need the Soundscience Halo 6 LED Bias Lighting Kit from Antec!

No, this isn’t a late night infomercial and I’m not Billy or Vince, but we do have the Bias Lighting Kit on the review table today which Antec claims will improve your computing experience. By providing back lighting for your monitor, it will reduce eye fatigue, improve colour output and allow you to spend more time working or gaming than before.

I’ve had a chance to review a few niche products since coming onboard as a reviewer and this is certainly a new one for me, but one that I am really looking forward to testing. Maybe it’s from old age, but lately I’ve noticed that even after an hour of gaming I do, in fact, feel like a little girl. Tap, tap.

The kit, as it will be referred to often throughout the review, has been released under Antec’s Soundscience brand and consists of a 14.6″ flexible gel strip with 6 LEDs embedded in it. The kit is for use on monitors of up to 24″ but multiple kits could possibly be combined for larger displays.

Antec Bias Lighting

The back of the gel strip is covered by a removable backing to keep the adhesive protected prior to application.

Antec Bias Lighting

The rest of the kit is made up of the 4′ 3″ cable and USB connection used to provide power. A bit of attention has been given to where the cable runs into the LED strip in the form of some black heat shrink tubing to ensure a finished look and to protect the connection.

Antec Bias Lighting

There is no mounting hardware since the kit sticks onto the back of a monitor and the package serves double duty by providing product information and installation instructions on the back. This helps to keep the trees in the ground and cuts down on costs.

Antec Bias Lighting

That’s all there is to the kit, so we’ll have a look at the installation next along with whether or not it can do what it claims as I sacrifice my own eyes for you, the reader.