Archos 704 WiFi Media Player

by Matt Serrano on May 7, 2007 in Audio & Media

In midst of the media player war, Archos has released their 704 with includes WiFi support and includes a large 7" screen. Among a few of the included features is video support, music listening, web browsing, network sharing, photo viewing and more.

Page 3 – Accessories

There are a number of accessories included in the box. The pouch, which we’ve already seen, is relatively simple. There is no way to operate the 704 while it’s in the pouch, which could have been remedied by cutting out a hole for the screen.

Even when it’s put inside, the 704 doesn’t fit snug. This may be convenient for some if you want to listen to music (some earbuds will fit if they have an L-shaped cable), but for instance, in order to change a song you would have to take it out of its case, use the touch screen, and put it back. The whole ordeal isn’t expedient at all.

Underneath the 704, there is manual and booklet that showcases the accessories available for purchase.

In the first box, we have a pamphlet for “legal notices”, two USB cables (again, one to connect the 704 to a computer, and another to a camera), earbuds, and a voucher for 50 free DRM free downloads from

The second box only holds the charger and a piece of paper on instructions for using extra prongs on the AC adaptor (which weren’t included), and the adaptor itself.

The last box (and probably the most exciting) houses an adaptor for the dock Archos offers, a remote control (and battery), and two styluses for the touch screen. The remote can control the player itself (via infrared) or a cable box, satellite receiver, or VCR.

Unfortunately, Archos doesn’t include any cables to connect the 704 to a television, nor a docking station. So even though Archos calls the 704 a “mobile DVR”, there is no way to view or record video content out of the box. The DVR station sells for $100 on Archos’ site, and offers composite, S-Video, component, RCA, and SPDIF in and out connections. One minor downside is that the DVR station only records up to a resolution of 640×480, so content still won’t natively fit the screen.

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