by Rob Williams on December 12, 2006 in Graphics & Displays

If you are looking for a card around the $200 mark, then be sure to see the performance of the X1950PRO first! This particular card retails for less than the 7900GT in which it competes, but which takes the top spot?

Page 6 – 3D Mark, Final Thoughts

For our last set of tests, we will be using the loved/hated 3D Marks. Regardless of their downsides, these benchmarks do a decent job of telling you how well a cards performance scales alongside another and is a good way to see how much good your “mega” overclock actually did.

Oddly enough, the 1950PRO beat the 7900GT good in the 05 test, but wasn’t the case in the 06 test.

Final Thoughts

I am impressed with this card, no questions! Not to conclude right there though, I will explain why. Compared to the 7900GT which costs around $20 more, the EAX1950PRO kept on par with it’s performance. Each one of the cards out performed each other in various tests though, so either card you choose will do a great job at keeping you happy.

As I mentioned earlier, this card can currently be found on an e-tailer for $190 – $200, which to me is very reasonable. I took a quick look at a few prices for the competition, including the eVGA 7900GT, and even it cost $220 -after- a rebate. So needless to say, at $190, the EAX1950 is a superb card for the price.

If there are any downsides, it may be that there are two versions of the card, one that includes two bridges and one that doesn’t include any. If you are not planning on Crossfire, then this is not an issue in the least. However, if it is, you may have a difficult time finding a Crossfire edition in stock. Quick searches only found a few places (not the most popular e-tailers) that had them in stock.

In the end, I am awarding this card a 9 out of 10 and our Editors Choice award. Taking everything into consideration, this is the first GPU in a while to impress me quite like this.

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