ASUS Lamborghini VX2

by Rob Williams on May 2, 2007 in Systems

When we took the VX1 for a test drive in November, we were impressed. ASUS has returned though with an update, appropriately called the VX2. It includes revamped styling, a much more appropriate video card, a fingerprint reader and high-end webcam. If you’ve been holding out for a revision, you will be glad you did.

Page 2 – Closer Look at the VX2

The box opens up like a jewelry case, which is fine since the laptop costs near as much as a nice engagement ring. The VX2 is kept safely inside the felt pouch, safe and sound and free of scratches.

If yellow is not your color, ASUS also has a pure black version, although I was unable to find any photos of it. The yellow will prove the more popular version though and will likely be easier to locate in an e- or re-tailer.

Overall the VX2 looks quite similar to the VX1, although there are a few minor changes. The ASUS and Lamborghini logos remain in the same positions, although the faux intake is larger.

Here are some close-ups. You might notice some remnants from the black felt bag, which I didn’t notice until after the shots were taken. That can be brushed off with a cloth or duster.

There are a few LEDs located right below this mesh which light up when the respective function is being used. While in use, these lights are of virtually no use, but others sitting on the other side of the table with jaws dropped will notice them.

Excuse the room in the background. Such a small area and a big laptop.

If you read my review of the VX1, you’d know that one of my ultimate gripes was the fact that the beautiful laptop was plastered with needless stickers. ASUS again has taken care of this issue with the VX2.

The only stickers included are brand related badges, as you can see above. If you wish to keep these on the laptop (for whatever reason), you can peel them off here and paste them yourself. This is pointless though, as it would ruin the overall look of the laptop and defeat the purpose of having the nice leather.

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