ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe WiFi Edition

by Rob Williams on September 4, 2006 in Motherboards

The M2N32-SLI Deluxe is one feature packed motherboard in every sense of the word. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, enthusiast overclocker or Joe HTPC, this board delivers what you are looking for.

Page 2 – Packaging & Contents

The boards packaging is nothing out of the ordinary, but it is heavier than others I have seen due to all of the extras. The box you see below is the outer casing, which has a flap in the front which can be lifted up to view more info. Removing this casing you will have the actual box. From the small stickers, we can see the board is compatible with all AM2 CPU’s, supports SLI and Corsair memory. Of course it supports other memory, but Corsair is a leading partner. I apologize in advance for these horrible pictures…





Upon opening the box, there’s quick proof that this is one stuffed package.



First, I took out the motherboard plate for the back of your PC, cables for extra firewire/USB functionality and a Q-Connector. This is quite a useful little device, although I have not used it because I don’t feel I need it. In gist, you insert your HDD LED/Power LED/Power Switch/etc wires into this, which will essentially make it one cable instead of four or more. This is great if you are swapping motherboards often.



When I first pulled the next piece of equipment out, I had no sweet clue what it was. Until I saw the pink connector… which obviously is used for mics. Yes. this is a strange looking microphone, but a cool looking one. It doesn’t have any clips or sticky surface so no matter where you put it, it will move around if a desk/monitor is nudged. Cool addition, however.



Next we have the S-ATA and IDE connectors, in addition to the SLI bridge.



The WiFi connector!



The manual and support CD-Rom.



Optional chipset fan, if you prefer to have one.



Onto take a hard look at the board and layout.

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