ASYS Freedom Case

by Greg King on January 16, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

ASYS is a newcomer in the computer tower market, but their Freedom case is a great way to make a name for themselves. It’s packed with functionality and very well built. Let’s take a look and see if it has what it takes to battle with the big boys.

Page 3 – Hard Drive Mounting

Once the side guards are opened up, we can now remove the front bay covers and see what lies underneath the pretty blue pieces.

Without the bay covers, you can see the front 2 120mm intake fan screens. The fans are mounted on rubber spacers to absorb
the fan vibrations and the screens are removable for easy cleaning.

You can see the front of the case without the bay covers on so let’s now take a look at the case without the fan bays in and see what we can find behind them

You can see, once the fans are removed, the hard drive cage. The case allows you to mount up to four hard drives vertically side by side. I like the idea of a removable hard drive cage. Make installations a breeze.

Let’s take a look at one more picture before we move to the inside of the case. The next picture shows just how many of the bay covers are removable and we get a closer look at the two fan filters as well.

Now that we have a good understanding what the exterior of the case is all about, let’s move inward to the interior

The interior of the case is visible through the side window. This window runs the entire height of the case and goes about 2/3s of the way back. In the center of the side door, towards the back, there is a nice size handle that folds out to allow you to remove the side panel easier. Once the handle is open, there is a small lock that is revealed allowing you to secure your case when you are not working in it.

Once the side panel is off, we have a clearer picture of what we will be working with. Along the front of the case, there are little locking switches that you can toggle back and forth. When they are fixed in the forward position, the contents of the bay are locked. This allows you an easy way to secure or remove an optical drive quickly.

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