Bluetake BT510 Mini Mouse and BT009Si Bluetooth Adapter

by Jen McPherson on November 28, 2005 in Peripherals

The wireless age has brought forth many new products that relieve us of the ever present problems with wired devices. The BT510 Bluetooth® mini mouse by BlueTake is a new wireless mouse which offers a small sleek portable design that can be paired with any PC or laptop that boasts the reliable Bluetooth® wireless technology. It is portable and simple. Want to know more? Read on!

Features and Conclusion

Now, unless you have Bluetooth wireless technology with your system already then you’ll need the Bluetooth USB adapter. My PC is ancient, so it needed the USB adapter. This adapter is the BT009Si model by Bluetake, and is really small and glossy black, with a blue LED indicator. Now this adapter will not only allow one to use the mouse with their PC, but any future Bluetooth technology you may purchase. It comes with a software disk for connecting your Bluetooth devices and other applications, like network access, file transfers, and so on.

Installation of the software is easy and straight forward. Once installed you shut down your PC. Turn on the mouse and push the ‘connect’ button until the mouse’s sensor flashes blue. Then turn on your PC, and access your Bluetooth device configuration. I had to keep my original mouse plugged in until I got the mini mouse connected, otherwise you’d have to do setup by keyboard, which is a pain.

Here you search for new device, and the mouse will appear on the screen, linking it to your PC. Right click then connect. Once your mouse is paired with your system it should keep that connection permanently and work every time you restart, just make sure the mouse is on before you start. Now, for me, I had some difficulty in this area. My PC kept resetting the connection to the Bluetooth after I would shut down or restart, so I would have to reconfigure this every time I turned it on. It says in the system requirements that it is compatible with a v 1.1 USB port, so I am unsure as to why it keeps doing this, for the installation and setup went perfectly. I will be testing this out on my husband’s PC with his v 2.0 USB ports, when I can, and will put up those results up asap.

The mouse can be configured for both right and left hand use, without the use of third party software. Just hold down the left side and the middle scroll wheel for three seconds and it’ll switch to left hand. Right side and scroll wheel for right hand. Really simple, really easy, no fuss. Wonderful, especially for those left-handers.

It moves smoothly and is very fast compared to my other mouse, which is a Logitech ball mouse. The mouse itself is small… very small. I wasn’t quite use to such a small mouse, and didn’t think I would like using it, but it is good. Now, I wouldn’t recommend it for gamers, because you need a sure fit for your hand, and although this mouse is excellent in use, it isn’t a mouse you can ‘palm’. I would highly recommend it for typical use and laptops.


I liked the Bluetooth mini mouse, it works great and the USB adapter is just an awesome addition. I am impressed with the Bluetooth technology despite my connectivity problems. It makes me look forward to trying something new with it. I just think its my PC, for I’ve had problems with my USB ports before, and so that will hold no baring on my overall scoring. I will be adding another test to this one on a v 2.0 USB port to let you all know of any differences.

Perhaps in future models they may make the batteries USB rechargeable, which would make this package even sweeter, although this one is great as is. Now as stated before I wouldn’t recommend it for gaming. It just isn’t large enough, and in gaming you need to have a good amount of control over your mouse. The mini mouse is hard to palm because of its size, it is more of a finger mouse designed for typical use. Laptop users… go get one. You’ll love it.

So, I give the Bluetooth Mini Mouse a 8 out of 10. Many thanks to Bluetake for allowing us to test their products!

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