Civilization V – Gods & Kings Review

by Rob Williams on June 27, 2012 in Gaming

After a far-too-long absence, religion and espionage has finally returned to Civilization, in the new Gods & Kings expansion. Along with those are many additional civs, units, buildings, wonders, a diplomatic retooling and a worthy upgrade to the city-state system. Read on as we take a look at G&K and see if it’s worth your hard-earned gold.

Final Thoughts

I do believe I could talk about both Gods & Kings and Civilization V as a whole for hours on end, but I’m getting word from my subconscious that I should shut up, wrap things up, and go play the game. So let’s do that.

When I first learned of this expansion, it seemed like little more than over-glorified DLC that costs $30. After having actually played it, though, I am glad to admit that I was wrong. Religion and espionage alone add a lot to the game, and will easily prolong all of your matches (you can decide if that’s a good thing) and give you something else to fight over. You might be a Civ pro, but you’ll definitely need to be ready to re-learn some things here.

Thanks to these new mechanics (or, ahem, re-added), along with everything else mentioned above and then other things I couldn’t delve into to save from writing a novel, Gods & Kings is well worth the entry fee. A couple of friends of mine that also happen to be Civ addicts (including our own Robert Tanner) agree.

Civilization V - Gods and Kings

Is this the proper way for those Civilization IV diehards to finally take the Civ V plunge? I can’t read people’s minds, but I’d be willing to bet that yes, this is definitely your time to experience the game. Not only are religion and espionage back, but many mechanics and rules have been fine-tuned. All of this makes Gods & Kings one of the best expansion packs I’ve ever experienced.


  • Nine brand-new civs to play as or conquer.
  • Three new scenarios, including a unique steam-punk one.
  • Religion and espionage are back!
  • City-states finally offer quests worth doing.
  • Six new luxury resources. Hmm, truffles.
  • Tech tree has been reconfigured to be more realistic (and better).
  • Mechanics have been reworked; diplomacy has an entirely new feel.


  • Still suffers the occasional AI randomness… like being denounced on turn 21.
  • On some occasions, workers still like to stop what they are doing in the middle of a project.
  • Research agreement changes won’t be favorable to everyone.

Civilization V - Gods & Kings
Civilization V – Gods & Kings

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