Computex 2008 – The Roundup

by Rob Williams on June 16, 2008 in Trade Shows

In our last Computex article, I am taking a look at a slew of products from a few different companies that had a lot to offer, such as OCZ, Thermaltake, ECS, Gigabyte, Foxconn and others. Included is a look at numerous motherboards, video cards and even some power supplies.


When Techgage first came to life in early 2005, DFI was the enthusiasts’ choice for motherboards. They offered insane overclocking abilities and looked fantastic… all at the same time.

Due to a lackluster press relations department, DFI’s popularity simmered down quite a bit after the AMD 939 days, but recently, things have begun to shape back up. Oskar Wu still never sleeps, which means that the BIOS’ you receive with your board is the best it can be.

The company had numerous boards on display, which all were similar in design to other boards on the market, except with the lovingly neutered BIOS’, of course. DFI has always done board design well, and these were no exception. I am incredibly intrigued by the Black PCB / Green Components color scheme, and wouldn’t mind having one of those in my own rig.

I’ll let the boards all speak for themselves.

An Intel P45 chipset on an mATX motherboard? Keen!

Rob Williams

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